Monday, January 30, 2012

melt my non-animal adoring heart

Ask anyone in my family and they'd tell you straight up that I'm not a huge animal person. Sure, they can be really pictures. I can suck it up and go along to the farm and zoos with the kids, but inwardly I'm flinching. Sometimes I'll surprise myself and pet the farm animals, but then realize what I did and go run to wash my hands. I know I'm a small minority in this weird dislike of zoos, but I honestly don't get what's fun about looking at animals from the other side of the glass. If I wanted to do that, I could turn on the Discovery Channel and watch them in real, wild action through the glass of my TV. But I digress...

My love for animals pretty much starts and stops with dogs. It's sort of funny, but I just really like them.
Yeah, yeah and I know what you are all thinking, "In the last post she talked about she's talking about animals??? Zounds, this girl needs a life." 

But seriously, can you blame me for not loving this dog?? He got a haircut last week and actually stayed completely somewhat still for a few seconds so I could snap a quick shot of him. Or two. Or twelve. You know how it goes.

He melted my non-animal adoring heart and turned it into sappy slush.

Happy Monday!


Jill Samter Photography said...

LOL! He sure has a way of doing that to a girl!!! I'm right there with you!


Alannah Renee said...

Oh my! He's so cute!

Amanda said...

Your puppy is precious!!! So adorable!


Michelle said...

It would be hard not to melt with your prince looking all adorable like that! :)

I think we love dogs so much because of what they share with us every day.... Unconditional love. Always.

Lindsey said...

Is he a maltese or bichon? Sometimes its hard to tell. I have 3 each of their little personalities. <3

Lexi said...

Lindsey - he is a maltese. :)