Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Kids || What I Like About You

{super random fact of the day: I finally discovered the STRAIGHT line ( | ) on my keyboard yesterday and about skipped around my room with joy. Seriously, best find ever. No more slants ////////////. Thank you}

{yes, I realize they are both on the same key tab. Yes, I have never noticed it before. No judging}

My little brother has about stolen my heart. Utterly and completely. As the biggest sister who is leaving for college in 7 months, I can say that I'm going to miss my siblings hugs, kisses, random love notes, and sweet sayings. My little brother, who is 6 years old, is just the cutest thing in the world. He says the darnest things and is always bringing a smile to my face...at least, when he's not having a bad day anyway. I like him. I like him a whole lot.

| I like the way your giggles turn into soundless laughter |

| I like the way you make me feel really special, even when that's my job to you |

| I like the way you learn new things. you're adventurous, daring, and committed |

| I like the way you love. When you give me hugs, cuddle on the couch, and tell me how much you're going to miss me. The way you always tell me goodbye when you leave for school |
| you're my "Gentle Giant" |

| I like the way you're silly. you're goofy, innocent, and such a boy |

| but most of all, I like the way you like being you |


koreen (aka: winn) said...

Oh, so sweet!!!! What a wonderful sister you are. And a pretty special little brother you have! :)

Jill Samter Photography said...

Gorgeous! I like him a whole lot too! Love you!

Michelle said...

Your little brother is absolutely adorable! You captured some amazing shots of him!!

Hehe - just in case you cared, that straight line is called a pipe. I was trying to write a computer script/command line and was getting help from one of our IT guys, and he said to type "minus t, pipe, runfile..." and so I wrote "-t pipe runfile" not even thinking he meant "-t | runfile" and then when I went to him complaining it wasn't working... he laughed so hard because of my pipe and not my | (because I *did* know the difference, and wasn't thinking!).... so now I always remember pipe means |!!!

ok... that was long... sorry,. hope you ain't snoring! :-D