Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Annapolis MD | Paul + Jess Part Three

Eeek! Okay, so I have been anxiously waiting to post these pictures!!! These are my favorite of the whole day! 

While we were shooting inside the parking garage, a guy who lived in the apartment building gave us a ride in the elevator so we could shoot at different levels. Can you say, "Hello, awesome person!?" Before we got off, someone heard him say that the roof of the parking garage was really cool, so long story short, while the rest of our group was posing Caitlyn and Matt on level 2, another photographer and I took Paul and Jess up to the roof to check it out. It.was.perfect. Open space, awesome light, and fog out in the distance. Well, after a bit of posing on some cool stairs, Paul and Jess took out their umbrellas (which totally matched their outfits...) and began letting their true personalities show. Jess said that Paul has a goofy personality and always manages to make others laugh. Well, she was right! Paul had us all in stitches!

Jess, you are stunning! 

haha! LOVE IT!

Okay, so this next two are really funny. Paul and Jess fixed their umbrellas for a "nice" picture when the wind suddenly got crazy and blew Paul's back again!

 Stop it!! Just looking at these pictures make me smile! You guys are adorable.

Thank you both SO much for letting me photograph you on Saturday! It was great meeting you, and I hope you like all of the pictures! From all of the photographers that day, you probably have a million to choose from! :) 

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Annapolis MD | Paul + Jess Part 2

Okay, so if you are not already in love with these two from yesterday's's pictures will definitely win you over.

Don't forget to check out the blog tomorrow for Part Three!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Annapolis MD | TheFIX Mix

It was a rainy, windy, cold afternoon and the weather readings on my computer stated an absolute zero chance of sunshine. We packed our bags anyway and before we knew it, we were laughing and chatting in a comfy room with other photographers who were daring enough to join us in all the wetness. We shot all day in and around a parking garage, which was PERFECT. Now I understand why photographers love taking pictures after it rains!! I was running around the buildings with our group exclaiming, “The light!! Ohmygosh the LIGHT!!”

This past Saturday a bunch of photographers from the NOVA, Baltimore, and D.C area got together to practice shooting couples. We had two great couples modeling for us that day, and I spent the entire day shooting one of our adorable couples, Paul and Jess. P + J are one of the sweetest couples I have ever met and they are SO stinkin’ cute with each other. They have been married for a year, so this was sort of a newly wed shoot for them. HOW COOL IS THAT? Their love for each other is evident and it was so wonderful having them with us for the day. Not to mention, Paul’s funny side decided to show while we were shooting on the roof of the parking garage…but more about that later! 

We had the privilege of having fantastic make-up artists for our shoot. Thank you Alison Dustin!
This was our other couple - Caitlyn and Matt. I only was able to get a few pictures of them, but aren't they so photogenic??

| Paul + Jess |

Could they get ANY cuter?? 
Check back for more tomorrow!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Macro | Green Droplets

April showers bring May flowers...
and March just chills all by itself. 

March gets a pretty bad rap amongst the other "spring" months on the calendar. I mean, it's right after February, which is FREEZING, and then it is expected to warm things up immediately. You know, since the 20th was the first day of spring and all. Except this year was CRAZY. Here in Virginia we got snow in October (whhhaatt?!) and 60-80 degree weather during winter (hello awesomeness). March was a great month - last week was it was in the high 70's. 

But, now that it's officially spring, March can calm itself down and let nature run its course. The last couple of days have been cooler and it's beginning to rain more. Y'all already know that I hate the cold, but I have to say that this weather has been WONDERFUL for macro photography.

Macro | Yellow Droplets