Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Macro | Green Droplets

April showers bring May flowers...
and March just chills all by itself. 

March gets a pretty bad rap amongst the other "spring" months on the calendar. I mean, it's right after February, which is FREEZING, and then it is expected to warm things up immediately. You know, since the 20th was the first day of spring and all. Except this year was CRAZY. Here in Virginia we got snow in October (whhhaatt?!) and 60-80 degree weather during winter (hello awesomeness). March was a great month - last week was it was in the high 70's. 

But, now that it's officially spring, March can calm itself down and let nature run its course. The last couple of days have been cooler and it's beginning to rain more. Y'all already know that I hate the cold, but I have to say that this weather has been WONDERFUL for macro photography.


Jill Samter Photography said...

Gorgeous shots! Great job! ♥ you

Karli @ The Bonnie 5 said...

Ohhhh the GREEN! LOVE IT! What gorgeous color and texture in these shots. Beautiful! :-)