Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Photography | NOVA After the Fix Group

Oh my gooshh. Look at that bus! 
Zounds, there's a lot of people in here...
WHOOOO. it is HOT in here!!!
Rock it J*!! 

Two weeks ago my mom and I headed out to Washington D.C. for Jasmine Star's counrty-wide tour: THE FIX. Not only did we get to ride the metro and feel like SUCH city gals, but we also got to meet fabulous photogs from NOVA and hear J* speak about enhancing the photography industry. The theatre was MOBBED and, rather unfortunately, the air conditioning in the building broke! So, needless to say it was an exciting, happy, sweaty HOT MESS.

The FIX was really great, but what was even cooler was that all the NOVA photographers wanted to stay in touch and set up a group to hang out and encourage one another. UM, AMAZING!
This past Sunday was our first NOVA after the Fix meeting and it was SO much fun! This group is hilarious, positive, and SO eager to learn more about being better photographers. 

I only took a few pictures during the 3 hours, mostly because I was the one holding the reflector for everyone's head shots! The group has now officially dubbed me Reflector Girl. haha! I'm seriously thinking about making a shirt to wear to our next meet-up this Saturday. :)

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JennyRain said...

these are so awesome!!!! Loved meeting you :)