Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Kids || little monkey

There is this little girl in my house who likes to talk. a lot. And when she talks, words fly out of her mouth at around 100 mph, most of which include phrases or questions involving a.) food or b.) her obsession to boss others around. She is the youngest of our large bunch, but everyone in our house agree's that she has the biggest personality. When she talks, she makes sure that everyone is listening. Preferably speaking, she talks loudly.

But, this little talker-up-storm-child is the cutest girl in the whole wide world. She says the darnest things and gives looks that could kill, but she is a sweetheart. And we all love her to death. She's like a little monkey: extremely energetic, likes to be noisy, and causes people to swoon over her cuteness. Because, hey, everyone loves monkeys.

Monday, January 30, 2012

melt my non-animal adoring heart

Ask anyone in my family and they'd tell you straight up that I'm not a huge animal person. Sure, they can be really cute...in pictures. I can suck it up and go along to the farm and zoos with the kids, but inwardly I'm flinching. Sometimes I'll surprise myself and pet the farm animals, but then realize what I did and go run to wash my hands. I know I'm a small minority in this weird dislike of zoos, but I honestly don't get what's fun about looking at animals from the other side of the glass. If I wanted to do that, I could turn on the Discovery Channel and watch them in real, wild action through the glass of my TV. But I digress...

My love for animals pretty much starts and stops with dogs. It's sort of funny, but I just really like them.
Yeah, yeah and I know what you are all thinking, "In the last post she talked about books...now she's talking about animals??? Zounds, this girl needs a life." 

But seriously, can you blame me for not loving this dog?? He got a haircut last week and actually stayed completely somewhat still for a few seconds so I could snap a quick shot of him. Or two. Or twelve. You know how it goes.

He melted my non-animal adoring heart and turned it into sappy slush.

Happy Monday!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Me || on my bookshelf

I sit on my bed while reading a new book. I'm completely oblivious to the world around me. It is the way I've always liked it - just me and the book. Caught up and swept away in a place filled with romance, thrillers, adventure, and redemption. I'm whoever I want to be and the characters are my best friends.
Caspian jumps up and joins me - head resting against my leg. Sometimes even forcing me to lay aside the book for just a moment so he can curl up in my lap. A cup of hot chocolate or tea always finds its way into our little group, warm puffs of steam rising near my face. Reading is a way I love spending my time. It unwinds me and pushes me to dream a little bigger.

This school year, amongst all of the craziness and work college biology and history brings, I have been able to steal myself away in a few really great reads. I've decided that every once in a while on here, I'd share the books that I've read or am currently reading - you know, in case y'all want to read them too! :)

On My Bookshelf:

My Bible - I read it every day, and when I don't, my day always feels like it is missing something. This book is my best friend and is filled with tons of pencil scratches, prayers, challenges, notes, and markings. 

The Hunger Games - Yup, I got hooked. I read the entire series (The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, and Mockingjay) in less than 3 days and I cannot wait for the movie in March. The first two books were amazing, but the third was pretty dark. It was written extremely well, but quite depressing.

Texas Angel - This huge book actually has two books in it, the first and second in the series. It was sort of slow at some points, but the story was really beautiful. Loved it.

The Help - Not only my favorite movie of the year, but also a phenomenal book. "You is kind. You is smart. You is important."

Unbroken - I found this book lying on my grandfather's desk. It is the true story of a man named Louie Zampperini during WWII. Let me just say that this book is spellbinding, horrifying, glorious, and so many more things. Simply amazing. 

yesterday my mom brought home these two books from Target {I'll let you know how I like them after I'm done!}:
| One Thousand White Women - Jim Fergus |
| Sister - Rosamund Lupton | 

So, what's on your bookshelf?

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Kids || What I Like About You

{super random fact of the day: I finally discovered the STRAIGHT line ( | ) on my keyboard yesterday and about skipped around my room with joy. Seriously, best find ever. No more slants ////////////. Thank you}

{yes, I realize they are both on the same key tab. Yes, I have never noticed it before. No judging}

My little brother has about stolen my heart. Utterly and completely. As the biggest sister who is leaving for college in 7 months, I can say that I'm going to miss my siblings hugs, kisses, random love notes, and sweet sayings. My little brother, who is 6 years old, is just the cutest thing in the world. He says the darnest things and is always bringing a smile to my face...at least, when he's not having a bad day anyway. I like him. I like him a whole lot.

| I like the way your giggles turn into soundless laughter |

| I like the way you make me feel really special, even when that's my job to you |

| I like the way you learn new things. you're adventurous, daring, and committed |

| I like the way you love. When you give me hugs, cuddle on the couch, and tell me how much you're going to miss me. The way you always tell me goodbye when you leave for school |
| you're my "Gentle Giant" |

| I like the way you're silly. you're goofy, innocent, and such a boy |

| but most of all, I like the way you like being you |

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Me // Stuff I Love

I've been really into buns these days. Buns as in hair buns. Not bread buns or other buns...
Anyway, the casual look of a messy bun always makes me feel strangely confident and relaxed. I know, weird girly stuff, but still...I love 'em.  The more hair you've got the more you can pull it off...and I've got a lot of hair. So does my sister who was kind enough for me to take a few pictures of her the other day.

I'm sure most of you have discovered the wonderful, addictive thing called *pinterest*. Well, I absolutely LOVE it. Ideas, quotes, pictures...so so great. Not to mention, you can dream shop. Um, can you say AMAZING? I have gotten so many great ideas for photography, design, and a million other things through pinterest. Seriously, if you have not checked it out, you really need to.

Winter sunrises and moon. What else is there to say? They simply speak for themselves.

My red hair. Yes, I dyed it about two weeks ago and I'm in love with it. Red hair, all the way.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Me // 2012, spring fever, and curls

Hey ya'll. Happy (belated) Near Year! I hope your holiday break was filled with nostalgia, rest, and loads of fun!

Ever since my last post, I have been extremely busy with my spring semester classes and simply life itself. I can't believe it is already January 10th, 2012. This new year is going to be a HUGE one for me, namely because next fall I'll be heading off to college. Eeeek! Complete craziness. What's even crazier is that I should be hearing back from one of my top schools by the end of this week - so fingers crossed!

I'm really excited about 2012 because I feel that this will be the year where my photography really blossoms into something. I'm brainstorming photo shoot ideas and starting to really think about what I want my photography to look like. What's my feel. What makes my photography me.

I can hardly wait for spring/summer when all my beloved bright colors come back! Snow is beautiful the first time around, but I'd rather be wearing spring dresses, jeans, and t-shirts all year long. I am a warm gal through and through. I also am SUPER EXCITED to be able to have some new "models" in front of my camera once I head off to college. My poor roommates...haha. :)

Another random tidbit for the week ~ I've been trying to curl my (already wavy/curly) hair with cloth ties, sponge curlers, and whatnot the past couple of days with awful interesting results. Tonight I have those soft, pink curlers in my hair that supposedly, according to all of my siblings, make me look like Marcia Brady in Season 1. Hopefully these curls come out looking more humane than the last ones. What us girls put up with for the sake of beauty...