Sunday, January 29, 2012

Me || on my bookshelf

I sit on my bed while reading a new book. I'm completely oblivious to the world around me. It is the way I've always liked it - just me and the book. Caught up and swept away in a place filled with romance, thrillers, adventure, and redemption. I'm whoever I want to be and the characters are my best friends.
Caspian jumps up and joins me - head resting against my leg. Sometimes even forcing me to lay aside the book for just a moment so he can curl up in my lap. A cup of hot chocolate or tea always finds its way into our little group, warm puffs of steam rising near my face. Reading is a way I love spending my time. It unwinds me and pushes me to dream a little bigger.

This school year, amongst all of the craziness and work college biology and history brings, I have been able to steal myself away in a few really great reads. I've decided that every once in a while on here, I'd share the books that I've read or am currently reading - you know, in case y'all want to read them too! :)

On My Bookshelf:

My Bible - I read it every day, and when I don't, my day always feels like it is missing something. This book is my best friend and is filled with tons of pencil scratches, prayers, challenges, notes, and markings. 

The Hunger Games - Yup, I got hooked. I read the entire series (The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, and Mockingjay) in less than 3 days and I cannot wait for the movie in March. The first two books were amazing, but the third was pretty dark. It was written extremely well, but quite depressing.

Texas Angel - This huge book actually has two books in it, the first and second in the series. It was sort of slow at some points, but the story was really beautiful. Loved it.

The Help - Not only my favorite movie of the year, but also a phenomenal book. "You is kind. You is smart. You is important."

Unbroken - I found this book lying on my grandfather's desk. It is the true story of a man named Louie Zampperini during WWII. Let me just say that this book is spellbinding, horrifying, glorious, and so many more things. Simply amazing. 

yesterday my mom brought home these two books from Target {I'll let you know how I like them after I'm done!}:
| One Thousand White Women - Jim Fergus |
| Sister - Rosamund Lupton | 

So, what's on your bookshelf?

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Michelle said...

Sigh, to be able to read again!! I used to read all. the. time. Now, I'm reading my bible, a bible commentary (if I'm lucky) and that's about it!! hehe!

Love cute little Caspian and how he is loved and allowed to join in the down time by snuggling close! (Storm is under the covers with me now!)