Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Nail Polish, Macbooks, and Coffee

how’s that for a title, huh? Well, I assure you, its going to be a fun post. But, before the pictures, I want to point out that the “nail polish” part of this post is just for Michelle {hi Michelle!}. You see, she wanted to know what colors my mom and I favored our nails to be painted with…hence their appearance on the blog. I refuse to photograph my feet, which is probably best for both you and me, hence the photos of the cute, little bottles on my front porch swing. Hence me actually talking about nail polish for four sentences. hence, hence, hence.


orange, yellow, and lime green are my favorite colors. I don’t really love pink on my fingers; only on my toes. {Causes the eye to not examine the feet the bright color is on.} Not so much a blue person after my total tom-boy craze phase in 5th and 6th grade. My mom loves blue though, hence it sitting next to the green.

I apologize about the many “hence”s. You use it once, and it just sticks.

I have to say, though, that I’m not a fan of the insta-dri stuff {notice yellow bottle above}. But, it’s my fault that I don’t like it – when I paint my nails, I have to do multiple layers. It’s the OCD in me. Well, last summer right before my missions trip I painted my toes with the yellow – with lots of layers. That missions trip lasted for two weeks, meaning good, faithful yellow stayed on too. Rather strongly I might add. Anyways, when it came time for me to take it off, all those layers became a curse. The color wouldn’t budge. Hence all of my toes had a strange, yellowish tint to them for about two weeks after I painfully took off the polish.

yeah….I wore socks those two weeks.

Moral of the story: when using insta-dri, don’t do multiple layers. Your toes will thank you.


I just got a MacBook last week as a graduation gift for me to use for college. Let me just announce…


the end.

       coldcoffee   cream

So, I am officially addicted to PW’s cold coffee recipe {since we don’t drink *real* coffee, we substitute it for Teeccino. It’s amazing…ya gotta try it}. OH.MY.GOODNESS. My mouth waters just thinking about it.

Pure, creamy, heavenly deliciousness.



Hope ya’ll have a great Tuesday!


Jill Samter Photography said...

love this post.

love you.

love that coffee.

HOWEVER, you really must tell peopel our coffe is the best for them - share a link to it so they can be blessed by all its goodness too!!!


Jill Samter Photography said...

i guess i should add that we use coconut milk creamer and milk in ours too! we are dairy free around these parts :-D

♥ mom

Michelle said...

Hi, Lexi!! (I'm waving big, but you can't see me!!) Love those colors -- so bright and cheerful! But I'd be nervous to put those on my toes! hehe! Well, except for the blue cause I already have a similar shade of blue on! :) I'm not sure about yellow in general, but that yellow looks decent -- but maybe I'll have to try that orange next... :) We shall see! But green, really??? lol!

And you're too cute! Not photographing your feet! God gave you those feet! Surely you can show them off... they're beautiful, remember??? :) hehe. Eh, I'll give you a break, especially since you were so kind to share the awesome colors with me!

There isn't anything wrong with "hence"s, until they stick and you use them all the time, hence the teasing you'll receive. haha!

Gotcha, don't use insta-dry in multiple layers, or I'll be wearing socks for two weeks.... lol!

Yay for your new macbook! I hope you enjoy it! We've played with the idea of someday getting a macbook, but that someday hasn't arrived yet... and there's too many other things we want first... like, um, dinner! lol! j/k!

hehe! I saw your coffee pics and thought they looked familiar!! hehe! I'm not a coffee fan, but the smell and looks of yours does make it appetizing. (well, not really the smell, because the internet doesn't share smells, yet, thank goodness! can you imagine the STINK that would come from that! oye!)

Anyway, have a great night, girlie!!

Jessica said...

favorite post ever. haha weelllll. all of your posts are my favorite. I can't lie. :)

SO EXCITED you got a macbook!! you will love it more and more the more you use it! My sister has the pro and I have the regular macbook and maybe it's just me.. but I like mine better.. haha. It's my buddy. :) You will love your mac!!

Beautiful nail polish colors! Love them!!

and coffee.
oh my goodness. amazing stuff. <3

love you.

Just Jen said...

I know this comment is way past due, but I just found your blog. When you try to remove multilayer or glitter polish, soak a cotton pad in remover, wrap around toes and cover in a piece of aluminum foil. By the time you wrap all ten toes, the first one will be ready to unwrap. Take off the foil and press down on the pad as you slide it off your toe. Easy peasy!!No colored toes!