Thursday, June 16, 2011

Cute Is…{Part 3}

the way you laugh.

The little man followed us outside with his hands deep inside his jean pockets. The brown shoes he wore clopped noisily on the stepping stones and he gave a soft smile. He stood and watched from a distance as his sister hammed it up in front of the camera – fully well knowing that he was next in line. He knew the drill: pose, smile, wait, and repeat.

He heard me call his name and silently tromped over – sitting stiffly next to his excited sister. But from behind the camera, he saw something that couldn’t help but make him crack a grin. His mom – waving her arms wildly from behind my back, pretending to come tickle me.






   noah-(4-of-6)   noah-(5-of-6)


Jill Samter Photography said...

i love our littlest man! these shots are beyond precious!

love you!
♥ mom

Michelle said...

love the story you included with these -- brought them to life!!

Love seeing these two interact -- and that muscle shot -- adorable!!!