Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Cute Is…{Part 1}

what she is made of!

This morning was beautiful. The sun was shining…the grass was green…and my youngest sister’s adorable face was simply begging to be photographed. So, up the stairs we went into her fairy bedroom {being chased by a big, bad monster on our way if you care to know} and picked out an outfit only a princess would wear. She anxiously danced around as I tried to clip a bow into her hair and ran excitedly to show the rest of the crew her “lovely” attire. She smiled and waved as she pranced out the door – following me into the warm, summer breeze that awaited us.

naomimonkey-(1-of-7) naomimonkey-(2-of-7)

naomimonkey-(3-of-7) naomimonkey-(4-of-7)

naomimonkey-(7-of-7) naomimonkey-(5-of-7)

naomi-(8-of-26) naomi-(10-of-26)




Ashley Sisk said...

You are such a natural and these shots are beautiful. You really captured your sister's personality.

Jill Samter Photography said...

you know i adore every shot! simple precious!

love you
mom ♥

Michelle said...

way way way too precious! love em all!! and the story that goes with -- just perfect!