Wednesday, December 14, 2011

New Camera = Playtime

I have been absent from my photography blog for a few weeks and I have HATED it. But trust me, it's not because I had no interest in taking pictures. It was more of a forced situation since I had no camera. Yup, that's right - no camera. But hold off from freaking out, because this post is a really really exciting one. Two weeks ago my mom and I decided to sell my (now) old camera and purchase a new one that provided more professional settings that I was interested in using. So, after two weeks of no picture taking (which was probably better since last week was finals week), my new Canon T3i came in the mail and it was all I could do but run out and hug the UPS guy.

Ok, maybe not. I may be strange, but not that strange.

Today my mom and I whipped out our equipment, black paper, and scissors to do some bokeh lighting experiments on the Christmas tree. It felt SO GOOD to have that camera back in my hands.

A Christmas tree filled with amazing would that be?

Yesterday I took my sister outside to test out a new wide angle lens as the sun was going down.


Hannah said...

LOVE it! Did you get the 35mm 2?

koreen (aka: winn) said...

Congrats! That's awesome. Love the bokeh and sunset shots. So great!

TessieB said...

I love the picture with the lens!!