Thursday, December 15, 2011

Green Tea

I couldn't think of an unique title for this post, so I'll just go ahead and dub it "Green Tea", since this post is all about the stuff.

Green tea is by far one of my favorite drinks on this planet. Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter - you can guzzle this stuff down and it fits right into every single season. That's my kind of drink.
My uncle travels to China a few times a year and brings us back real Chinese green tea. In real Chinese tea boxes. for real.

Yes, I'm spoiled when it comes to teas.

These Chinese tea pots are ancient artifacts that date back to the time of Mulan.
Just kidding - but they sure look cool.

I don't really understand the picture on this tea pot. It looks like one of the Chinese dudes is beating the other guy up. Or getting ready to tackle him. Or hug him. 
His hair makes me laugh. and his forehead.

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