Thursday, February 17, 2011

Just lil’ ol’ me.


Just a little boost of color and brightness on this one. Nice and natural.


played with some different edits and liked this funky one. =)


This is a sweet brown edit. I ♥ it.


Prince Caspian. He melts my heart. He drives me nuts. The End.


I can’t wait to get back outside and take some pictures of SPRING! Today it was a whoppin’ 60 degrees out and we all got to go outside (with snow still all over the grass) without jackets. It was just beautiful.


Barbara Palmisano said...

lovely B&W version!

Jill - FNA Photography said...

awesome edits lexi!

♥ you mom!

Karli said...

What a gorgeous "pop" in your eyes - just perfect! So light and bright, but not overdone. I love it! (As if you could take a bad picture - ha!) Your edits are beautiful...and the lil' pup - oh my! What a cutie!

Michelle said...

hehe -- you're so adorable! What cute selfies -- I'm loving that light b&w/brown edit!

And I love your comments on your Prince -- he's pretty cute too -- and you captured him so well!!