Thursday, January 6, 2011

Self, Self, and more Self Portraits

Today I set up a white poster board, grabbed my camera and remote control shutter, and did my own photo shoot. Now, let me tell you: I probably snapped about 200 pictures in the short time I photographed myself and only these pictures you are seeing actually turned out good. So, for those of you who ask, “What’s your secret?”…there isn’t one. Patience is the key tool. Patience.


lexihats-(3-of-3)              lexihats (6 of 6)


lexihats-(2-of-3)               lexihats (5 of 6)


lexihats (3 of 6)               


Since a lot of photographers are wary of pointing a camera at themselves, I’m challenging you all to link up and share a self portrait! It can be formal, silly, or unique! So, go get in front of your camera and have some fun!


Ashley Sisk said...

I absolutely love these - and since I have a new remote shutter release, I'm going to play this weekend. Right after I take down the tree.

Mom to 9 Blessings! said...

Lexi these are great - posting mine tomorrow and I will link up!

I love you!

Melissa said...

Lexi, You are amazing in every way! I love all of these photos.

Audrey @ said...

I love these especially the one of your eyes! what a great shot! I al all about taking pictures of your self. for sure!

Katie said...

These are awesome!! You have the cutest hats!!

Jessie Suzanne said...

Wonderful pictures!! :D I'm following your blog. :) I'm having a winter photography contest at my blog; it would be awesome if you'd consider entering! :)

In His love and light,
Jessie Suzanne

KyAnn said...

I love the last picture! :)


Makay said...

Does it get any cuter than you? I think not! :)

Michelle said...

These are adorable!! You look a lot like your mama! You are both beautiful Ladies - and the fact that Jesus shines in you makes you both even prettier! Sorry I missed the link up! I wouldn't have been able to get to it till this next weekend, anyway!