Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Navy Yard Shoot | Part I

Last week we had the best weather Virginia has had all month long! All the way from Monday to Sunday, it was clear skies and sunshine to the max, which meant more opportunities to spend time outside and take some rockin' pictures. Sunday afternoon, my Mom and I met up with the monthly The FIX group she leads to practice posing and getting correct exposure in extreme light conditions. The Navy Yards in Washington D.C. could not have been a more fabulous location for the day, and the weather proved to be absolutely perfect throughout the shoot.

We had three fab models for us on Sunday - one gorgeous model (Fifi) and a married couple (Ashley and Alex). They did a wonderful job and totally looked like pros in front of the cameras.

Today you'll get to see some of my favorites of Fifi from the beginning of the shoot - make sure to stop by the blog throughout the week because there will be a lot more pictures from the Navy Yards up soon!

As I said before, the Navy Yards was such a gorgeous location. 
I mean, come on! Look at those lines on this awesome bridge!! 
This was the first picture I took of Fifi - I wasn't kidding when I said she was a pro. 

oh my goodness...the hair!!!! I die. 

Lots of people were walking and biking on this bridge while we were shooting, and they kept shouting "Congratulations!!" at Fifi. She always broke out into a grin when they passed by...

Doesn't Fifi look like a mermaid with the rock and the water behind her?! 


Jeni Brower said...

I'm loving the last 3. So pretty...she seems relaxed...

sophie-mayanne said...

She is so beautiful, and that dress is divine.

I have some photography work on my blog- I would love to know what you think :)