Monday, July 11, 2011

Hey it’s Franklin…

“comin’ out to play.”

{did anyone besides me absolutely LOVE that show (book series) growing up? Franklin was the bomb.}

Meet my new friend, Franklin. He doesn’t like me very much.


turtle-(5-of-15) turtle-(3-of-15)

Here is how our unlikely friendship began:

1.) I spotted him underneath the bushes near our front porch

2.) After watching him {not move} for ten minutes, I got a stick…and yes, poked him. There, I said it.

3.) After watching him {not come out of his shell} for 5 minutes, I got a cup of water…and *takes deep breath*, poured it on him.

Hey, don’t look at me like that. His shell was REALLY dirty, ok?

See, he’s even smiling in these shots, right? right.

turtle-(1-of-15)  turtle-(6-of-15)

4.) So after watching him {still not really moving}, I got workers gloves…and picked him up and moved him onto the driveway.

Man, you should have seen the way he kicked and clawed as I proudly walked him over to my siblings. That’s pure joy right there.


or not…


{no turtles were harmed in the making of this post. Franklin was safely put back underneath the bushes after these photos were taken.}


Dawn said...

I love this post! Great photos. I love how Franklin is looking up at your siblings like, what the heck, how did I end up here?! And then he takes off running, well, running turtle style. Super cute post!

Ashley Sisk said...

That is just awesome!

koreen said...

Isn't there a saying: don't wake a sleeping turtle? ;)

Cute turtle though. Wonderful captures.

elizabethquiver said...

Haha! I did the same thing to a turtle recently for the sake of photos. :) Ok, well I didn't poke him with a sick or pour water on him, but I did transfer him to a more photographable spot. (where siblings watched as well)

Michelle said...

hehehe! Too cute! Glad you got to play a bit with Franklin, and he got a bath! lol!

I'm gonna need to be brave and "rescue" franklin next time I see him... :)