Sunday, March 20, 2011

My childhood dream

ever since I can remember, was to own and wear a pair of real cowgirl boots. Not that I was horse crazy or anything, in truth I am not a huge fan of animals in general, but something about them always spurred my imagination – like running through a field of flowers with them on my small feet. During my younger stages of life, cowgirl boots = cuteness, flowers, and ultimate power against bugs.  (or in other words, cowgirl boots = squashing unwanted creepy crawlies.)

Well, actually, that equation still holds true today.

Anyway, a friend of mine recently came over and was wearing the most adorable pair of…you guessed it…cowgirl boots. I just had to try them on (can you truly blame me?) and instantly fell in love.

Long story short: my boots came in the mail two days later.

Ok. So not only are they super comfy, adorable, and the ultimate bug eliminator – they are TEAL inside! *squeals*

notice you all are experiencing a very girly part of me.

I’m sorry, but guys miss out on SO much.

just sayin’.

Seriously, these are the most comfortable shoes I have EVER worn. In my life.



- Jessi - said...

Those are so pretty. I want them!

Katelyn said...

I have a couple pair of boots and I love them!! You're totally right, they are so comfy! Yours are so so cute!

Jill Samter Photography said...

ha ha ha! i love you! can't wait for mine to come in the mail this week. glad you are lovin' them! makes me happy to see and hear your excitment over our gift to you! :-D


Kade said...

Are you just gonna look at em!?

Michelle said...

Ever since I met my husband, he's been wanting me to get a pair of REAL cowgirl boots... and I've always resisted.

But all I've been hearing lately is how wonderful and comfortable they are...

Maybe after 13 years I'll break down and get a pair. Maybe even w/ teal on it! lol

Beautiful boots -- I enjoy reading and seeing your excitement!!

Sam said...

What is the style name of these boots? I'm looking online for them!

Lexi said...

Hi Sam! The style of the boots are Ariat. :)

Brittany_Hudson7 said...

I have been looking for a pair of Ariat's for so long and I love these!! Do you mind telling me the style of the Ariat boot so I can possibly have a pair of my own? Thank you so much!!


Lexi said...

Hey Brittany!

Here is the style of my boot (in the pictures)

If you go to Ariat's main website, you can find the cowboy boots tab and check out all of the great new styles they have.

Hope that helps you!

Brittany_Hudson7 said...

I greatly greatly appreciate it!! Thank you so so so much!!


Sarah said...

Great boots! Justin has a pair that is very similar - I fell in love with them online but got them in the mail and didn't like the toe box. Darn me for being so picky!! Glad you like your new boots!

Rachel said...

These boots are GORGEOUS! How did you determine the size to order? I have heard that boots tend to run big or small and I have no idea which one to order. I love in Alaska and it would be expensive to pay for shipping to return a pair if I chose the wrong size. Thank you for introducing me to the beautiful boots!

Kelly G. said...

I just got the same boots!!!! Yours look shinier and darker. Have you put something on them? They are so comfy and gorgeous!!! Love em. :)